Her Name Is Grace

Her Name Is Grace is adapted from chapter one of Misty Myrick’s novel Easter Lane.  Honestly, the arc of the story was a stretch for me which is strange considering how The Hunger ends up. I suppose I’m really a prude when it comes to necrophilia (unlike most of our audience, yes I’m talking about you) and I can’t even fathom this character doing what he does. So, I really delved into the music to help me out. I focused on the longing David had and the romantic notion of giving Easter another chance at life by saving her from the tragedy of her first one. So the music has a ” hauntingly romantic” quality to it rather than “Mmmm corpse”.

Here’s the intro and main theme.
Her Name Is Grace Main Theme

This is the turning point for David as he begins to see her as “not just a dead thing”. It’s like a longing heart beat.
A Spark

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