The Hunger

We had a joke among us concerning my Native American flute. When throwing around story ideas I often tried to see how my flute could fit in. It’s a beauty made of Bubinga and Cocobolo that I bought from Brent at Woodsounds many years ago. I had first recorded it in a C grade movie I made entitled Rock ‘n’ roll Space Patrol Action Is Go where it was used for the Temperamental Temporal Ninjas. I had been itching for an excuse to record with it again and by god I made it happen even if I had to write the story with which to use it on! In hindsight the flute in the story represents our main character Tim losing his grip on his humanity. As such I spent some time torturing this beautiful instrument by making it squeak honk and swooping in an out of pitch. Other instruments you’ll hear on the opening piece are raunchy distorted electric guitar, various tribal-ish drums & percussion,and a sitar.

The Hunger Theme 1

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