RLT005: Good Man In The Badlands

In a land with no rules, how far will a good man go when he has nothing left to lose?


Produced, Directed and Scored by Jim Bultas

Written by Justin Warner

JACK: Justin Warner

BONNIE: Barbara Schulte

SHERIFF: Rick Stringer

BLUE: Jim Bultas

MRS. MCDANIEL: Misty Myrick

RED: Eric Schulte



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4 thoughts on “RLT005: Good Man In The Badlands

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  2. Baty

    There were a few times where it sounded like Jack was just reading straight from the script, other than that everybody did a great job, the story was really good with a nice twist and the music really gets you into it.

  3. chrissi

    liked it. was recommended by friend, will tell others. Nice twist at end ,guessed it when he threw tools out of bag. v good.

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