RLT001: Blood Moon

On a full moon night, a man’s strange reunion with his former high school bully will prove without question that people really can change.  But what do they become once they have transformed?


Produced, Scored and Directed by Jim Bultas

Written by Justin Warner

NARRATOR: Justin Warner

MAX: Eric Schulte

LUCY: Misty Myrick


The 10,000 Horsepower Podcast With a Need for Speed

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11 thoughts on “RLT001: Blood Moon

  1. Justin

    Thank you for listening! I’d also like to share special thanks to my wife Misty Myrick for her help making this podcast episode possible!

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    1. Justin

      Thanks for your feedback, Stephen! I knew many clever listeners like yourself would figure out the ending, and I’m cool with that. After all, some folks say the journey is more important than the destination. (Which proves those people have never taken a three-day road trip with a car-sick toddler.)

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