Hello, my name is Redline Theatre. What’s yours?

Welcome to Redline Theatre! Jim Bultas, Eric Schulte and Justin Warner (along with other generous contributing talents) have joined forces to create this new audio podcast series. We are writing, performing and producing all the content you will experience here. Give us a listen and let us know what you think. Your ears will kick your ass if you don’t. Trust us.

Our mission is simple. We will regularly provide brand-new audio dramas for your listening pleasure. We are not limiting our content to a specific genre. If a story is compelling enough to tell, that’s reason enough for us to share it. Despite our sincerest efforts to remain immature, this flexibility also means that our podcast will occasionally contain mature themes, sexual situations, violence, and possibly even existential ennui. Other times, it will not. This means we could conceivably do an episode about unicorns sharing lemonade on a nice spring day. Of course, if the unicorns start copulating, then goring each other with their horns while questioning their respective places in the universe, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Though our home is RedlineTheatre.com, you can also find us elsewhere on the web. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed; we’re also on iTunes. We’ve got a Facebook Page to check out, so please join the others and click our “like” button. Plus, we’ll be sending news via Twitter, so be sure to follow us there. You can expect each of these places to be updated when we’ve uploaded a new podcast episode, plus we’ll add other updates between episodes. Sometimes we’ll be on topic (episode discussions, site updates, and more) and other times we’ll share bits of off-topic awesomeness that simply make the world a better place in which to live.

There’s one more vital element we’re adding to the podcast today, and that’s you. Those of you reading this now are the ones who will make this podcast something special. When you listen to an episode or read a blog entry, be sure to also leave your comments on our website, our Twitter feed, or our Facebook Page. Got some feedback? Thoughts? Fondue recipes? Whatever it is, let us know. This is YOUR podcast.

Thanks for visiting us! Episode 001 is coming soon. Today.