RLT016: The Cutting Room Floor

It is 1974 in California’s San Fernando Valley, and veteran film director Roger Adamson has begun production on his low-budget action exploitation film “Candy Dynamite”. Adamson’s old world values are out of place amidst the sleaze of swinging seventies Hollywood. What’s a man to do when his code and that which he holds most dear both end up on the cutting room floor?


Written and Produced by Jim Bultas

Music Composed and Performed by Jim Bultas

ROGER ADAMSON: Rick Stringer

NARRATOR: Eric Schulte

CANDY: Michelle Campbell

STEVEN: Justin Warner


BRICK: Eric Schulte


SOUNDMAN: Chris Stewart

WARDROBE: Barb Schulte

BOUNCER: Jim Bultas

WOUNDED WOMEN: Sarah Rosendahl, Misty Myrick


The 10,000 Horsepower Podcast With a Need for Speed

2011 Parsec Finalist

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2 thoughts on “RLT016: The Cutting Room Floor

  1. Tony Frazier

    Enoyable story, but to pick one nit: in 1974, Spielberg was already a successful TV director and releasing his first theatrical feature, The Sugarland Express. Unless its another guy just coincidentally named Steven Spielberg.

  2. Justin

    Good catch! Of course, you are absolutely correct. This is something that was discussed during the episode’s production process. We decided 1974 was still the best year in which to set our story and left it untouched, despite the resulting chronological conundrum. Then again, maybe our Steven is just another guy with the same name, as you mentioned. Or, maybe this is an alternate reality wherein Speilberg never directed Sugarland Express, having decided early on that he would pursue other film projects. (Hopefully, The Cutting Room Floor’s “Girls of Los Angeles, Part 2” wouldn’t be one of them!) Thank you so much for listening, Tony!

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